Here at Mando we love experimenting, so we set up Labs to give us an ongoing space for innovation. PLAY, our annual full day extension, was held recently - see what we got up to in this video.

See in action

It’s not an actual laboratory*, but it’s a way all our employees can take time away from the immediate pressures of project delivery and play their part in exploring and shaping what happens next online. 

We love technology and how it connects with people, so labs is a vital way for us to keep pace with change and use this thinking to deliver better solutions for our customers. 

It’s also fun. Some of our labs projects find their way into our blog posts.


PLAY has an even more open format than the main Labs projects, allowing staff to take a risk, and learn from what works and what doesn’t during a full day.

The day generates competitive and commercial advantage for both us and our customers by allowing everyone to explore new ideas and push creative boundaries; stimulating wider thinking and ways of working that improve the way we do things.

And we may discover new things that we’re great at… who knows, we may have a Mando Personal Hovercraft Division some day!

Why Labs and PLAY?

Both Labs and PLAY allow our staff freedom to be experimental - to imagine what could be, and have a go at creating something. You never know where that kind of freedom might lead!

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Got an idea?

Something you'd like us to experiment with, or thoughts on how you could get involved with either our Labs or PLAY initiatives? Get in touch with Matt or Ian.