SharePoint Saturday in Belgium

At the end April we’ve got the exciting opportunity of speaking at the SharePoint Saturday in Belgium. If you’ve not come across SharePoint Saturday’s before, it's a brilliant, community-led conference which typically happens every year (and all over the world).

Here at Mando we use PowerShell alongside our SharePoint development which allows us to control and manage our deployments and configuration. This is what Adam Burcher, our specialist SharePoint programmer, is going to cover during his talk – showing just how flexible and useful PowerShell can really be. PowerShell isn’t just for SharePoint, but is becoming more and more common amongst a lot of Microsoft products.

Whilst typically it falls into the IT Admin remit, PowerShell is extremely useful (and arguably essential) for a developer as well. The out of the box commands that come with SharePoint are very useful, but being able to exploit the SharePoint Object Model and write your own means what you can do is almost endless. It means if you can write the C# code for it, the chances are you can write the PowerShell too.

During the session Adam will be walking through how PowerShell can be used at each phase of a site roll out, from installation and all the way through to custom deployment of code, configuration and content.

Watch this space for more details!