Design Consultancy

Design Consultancy

This is a side of design that can really help enhance your project. Although we really do love creating beautifully designed user interfaces, we’re also all about user engagement, continual improvement and making sure you’re equipped to keep the design looking tip top.

A great design is one thing, but maintaining and evolving great design is another...

That's where Design Consultancy comes in, giving you the support to keep design work fresh and in line with other improvements to the customer experience.

Making a connection, reviewing and improving
Psychology is at the heart of everything, and knowing the way we operate as humans all helps to inform how we best use technology in a way that is right for us. Here at Mando we’re advocates of Persuasion engineering (‘P.E.T.’), which is changing the landscape of online experiences and raising the bar in terms of user engagement. By using PET thinking with our heuristic design reviews as part of our on-going design support, we can keep on breathing life into a project.

Digital Brand Guidelines – handing over the reigns
Even when the design is done and dusted we’ll be there to hold your hand. Or you may have offline guidelines and need to understand how they would work digitally? Well, we can help here too. Online digital guidelines empower you to take ownership of how the design looks and feels to keep it looking as good as the day it was delivered.

To do this we’ll take your existing brand guidelines and create a visual identity to communicate how we see these working online, across any channel or device. These additional digital styles and new assets will go together to build up and enhance your existing guidelines.

If you do already have an existing brand and want to see new ways it can work online for you, then get in touch as we'd love to help.

Gemma D

Gemma Darracott Head of Design

If you have anything to discuss on Design Consultancy please call on: 08451633567

We'll create a visual identity to communicate your brand guideliness across any channel or device.