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We’re big fans of EPiServer's flexibility and the powerful marketing tools it provides.

EPiServer CMS is a fast and robust web content management system.

EPiServer have been developing products that allow organisations to make their web strategy a reality for over 10 years. They’ve enabled everything from complex internet and intranet projects, through to large scale communities to come to life.

EPiServer CMS is a fast, flexible and robust web content management system with a release cycle closely aligned to Microsoft .NET platform. This means that version 7 is able to take advantage of the features of ASP.NET 4.0 and above.

Key product features in EPiServer 7:

  • Intuitive drag and drop in-page editing, and simultaneous automatic publishing of content across multiple channels including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • The EPiServer add-on store allows functionality to be updated through third party add-ons, without the need for a developer. For enterprise customers, it's also possible to set up your own internal store.
  • Online content optimisation (OCO) to increase conversions, track success of campaigns across multiple channels, and even automatically optimise multi-variate content according to success rates.
  • Rich personalisation framework to allow custom content delivery based on demographic, interests and the way users interact with your content.

See how we've implemented EPiServer CMS on our TalkTalk Business Customer Portal

More details about EPiServer can be found at www.episerver.com/products

Matt Salmon

Matt Salmon Head of Development

If you have anything to discuss on EPiServer please call on: 08451633567

The core EPiServer product is open and forward-thinking, but the social and marketing capabilities really set it apart