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A full-featured and flexible content management solution built on Microsoft web technology that happens to be free. What’s not to like?

Umbraco appeals equally to content editors, developers and commercial directors!

Umbraco has been used to deliver over 85,000 sites worldwide and is used by some of the world’s largest organisations, from Toyota to Microsoft.

Offering a comprehensive array of features, the benefits of an established community and a commercial open-source model, Umbraco appeals equally to content editors, developers and commercial directors!

Key product features

  • Effortless Content Management -Flexible navigation and site map management, rich text editing, WYSIWYG interface, integrated media library and the ability to preview pages.
  • Version Control and Editorial Workflow - Track changes to your content and rollback with role-based permissions model to support your content publication processes.
  • Content Scheduling - Tell the system when you want your pages to appear on the site and be removed again.
  • Multi-language support - Umbraco supports more than 15 languages for the back-office system, as well as providing a translation workflow.

Umbraco is perfect for clients who:

  • Want to manage more than just ‘content’- including administrative tasks such as newsletter subscriber management or integration with other systems.
  • Just need a simple, cost effective web-management system.
  • Need to enhance the administrative feature-set of existing systems, where the core functionality doesn’t extend far enough to cover a bespoke requirement.
  • Need a reliable, robust, high-performance platform to form the basis of a rich-internet or mobile application.

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Matt Salmon

Matt Salmon Head of Development

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If budget is a primary consideration, and you're looking for an established .NET web platform, you'll struggle to beat Umbraco