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Windows Azure is an open and flexible cloud environment that enables us to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacentres.

Windows Azure services enable apps to easily integrate with on-premise billing systems

We take advantage of these huge computing environments, by building highly-available applications that can be infinitely scaled to meet just about any level of demand. By incorporating Windows Azure Cloud Services we deliver flexible, robust and low cost solutions.

We are also a member of the Microsoft Azure Circle, a group of Microsoft’s trusted partners who meet regularly to discuss and shape the future of the Azure platform.

As part of this group we are also provided with vital support and a vast amount of experience and knowledge in delivering Windows Azure solutions.

Where we've done this

Connect Lite

When Brookson approached us to develop a free-to-use accountancy system for them, one of our main considerations was how and where to host this.

The flexibility of the Windows Azure, with its pay-as-you-go approach to infrastructure costs has proven greatly beneficial. Connect Lite can be seen here.

Micro Finance

We helped Microsoft with his proof of concept real-time cloud-based app built using HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript and the supportive capabilities of Visual Basic. Micro Finance can be seen here.

TalkTalk Business

Having been delighted by our previous work TalkTalk Business looked to us to guide them through their first steps into the world of B2B mobile apps.

The requirement was to develop a suite of apps to support their existing SME self-serve portal. By taking advantage of Windows Azure Cloud Services and Windows Azure Mobile Services we were able to quickly design and build the suite of apps for the leading business mobile device platforms.

Windows Azure services enable the apps to easily integrate with the TalkTalk Business on-premises billing system and receive service status alerts.

You can see the details in this video case study.

Gary Pretty

Gary Pretty Technical Strategist

If you have anything to discuss on Microsoft Windows Azure please call on: 08451633567

Being part of the Azure Circle Advisory Board means being a part of shaping the future in the world of mobile